To keep your new floor looking beautiful, we recommend a WoodFloor Wipe Kit for cleaning and maintaining your floor and floor protector pads for the bottoms of your furniture. Here are a few helpful hints to enhance the life of your newly finished hardwood floor.

What to do:

  • Vacuum/sweep and then clean with an approved hardwood floor Cleaner weekly.
  • Place mats at exterior doors to trap sand and grit from incoming traffic.
  • Use area rugs in high traffic pathways and pivot areas. Avoid rubber-backed or other non-ventilated rugs.
  • Install floor protectors on all furniture (chairs, sofas, tables) that may slide or be dragged across the floor.
  • Keep a watchful eye on high traffic areas. It may be necessary to recoat high traffic areas such as kitchens every 3-5 years.

Damp Mopping Spills and Heavy Dirt

Spills and tracked-in dirt can be cleaned by lightly damp mopping the floor.

Do not let the cleaning solution remain on the floor. Use a clean towel and dry the floor. Even though the cleaners will not harm the finish, water can soak between the boards and cause damage to the wood. Rinsing should not be necessary.

Be careful to use only a damp mop, not wet, as excess water will damage the floor. Note: Oil soaps, liquid ammonia, and vinegar are not to be used on floor finish.

Do Not Wax or Polish

Do not wax or polish. If you anticipate the need for a fresh coat of finish in a few years, do not wax or polish your floor. The films left by waxes and polishes cannot be coated over. Note: Oil soaps are not to be used for the same reason.

For liquid cleaning solution, we recommend Bona Kemi floor cleaner, it’s a premium cleaning solution designed for use on: Hardwood flooring. Just spray it on and wipe it off. The floor cleaner will remove grease, oil, cola, heel marks, juices, etc…

Taking Care of Your Floor

Advanced Microfiber floor cleaning technology.

Everything you need for easy and safe cleaning of your polyurethane-finished hardwood floors:

  • MicroPlus┬« mop head (4 x 15″) w/3-piece pole.
  • MicroPlus┬« microfiber washable cleaning pad.
  • 32 oz. Swedish Formula┬« Hardwood Floor Cleaner
  • Maintenance Guide

Floor Gards

16 self-adhesive felt pads for chairs, tables and furniture to protect all wood and laminate floors and other hard surfaces. One inch diameter.